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These new Eyeglass Shields include a clear lens-less eyeglass frame that mount directly to the shield, making them easy to wear like a pair of glasses, without the need for head straps. Extremely comfortable, lightweight and offers maximum breathability!

Our face shields are made with the same quality and standards trusted across the country. It provides a physical barrier to mitigate contact. These face shields are perfect for airplanes, busy stores, big crowds, etc.
  • Optically Clear 7 mil Recyclable A-PET Polyester Plastic

  • Extremely comfortable!

  • Anti-Fog coating

  • Product is re-usable after washing with soap & water or alcohol wipes.

  • Super-Lightweight

The Eyeglass Shield is quick to assemble :

1. Pull the raised ends of the blue rubber securing tabs loose from the holes on the glasses frame's temples on both sides. 

2. Peel off the protective layer from BOTH sides of the shield panels. 

3. Align the shield panel with the glasses frame, so that the hole in shield panel lines up with the holes of the glasses temples, and push the rubber securing tabs back through the shield panel hole and all the way into the glasses frame to secure on both sides.



    • Protective face shields are auxiliary and should be used with face masks/respirators for fully effective protection.

    • Large bulk and/or custom-branded orders available!

    • Please be aware : As this is a personal protective product, we cannot accept returns once items have left our facility.

    • Our products are UV-sterilized before leaving our facility.
    • Unlike our other shields, this product is not made in the USA as yet.

    Disclaimer : While AcuShield strives to make the information about the shield as accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises, or guarantees that wearing the shield will provide complete protection from any diseases.

    If you are looking to order more than 500 units, we would be happy to help – Please contact us directly to facilitate a large bulk order :


    (310) 280-6060

    5920 Bowcroft St
    Los Angeles, CA 90016

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